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The Sikh Temple Gurdwara is open to anyone of any faith so you are most welcome to attend any events we hold or simply visit.

Please observe our customs on the premises:
– cover your head
– remove your shoes
– alcohol/intoxicants and non-veg food are not allowed

Any ideas or comments or you want to get involved send me a message

Gurdwara Weekly Programme

5:30 am till 5:45 parkash of Maharaj
5:45 till 6:30am -nitnem
6:30 till 7:30 am – sukhmani sahib
7:30 till 8 am – asa di war – this is the am prog mon – thurs

7pm till 8pm – Kirtan/Katha/Dhadi


7pm till 8pm – Kirtan/Katha/Dhadi


7pm till 8pm – Kirtan/Katha/Dhadi

7pm till 8pm – Kirtan/Katha/Dhadi

9am till 10am – Arambh Sri Akhand Paath Sahib Ji

Saturday – Madh

8am till 9pm – Bhog Sri Akhand Paath Sahib
9am till 9.30am – Aarti Bhai narinder singh Ji Hazuri Jatha
9.30am till 11.00am – Kirtan Asa ji di vaar Baba Khem Singh Jatha
11am till 12pm – Kirtan/Katha Visiting Jatha
12pm till 12.30pm – Kirtan Bhai Narinder Singh Ji Hazuri Jatha
Ardas Hukamanama diwaan smapathi 13:00